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Vacant Land Secure

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How you can get your vacant land updates?

1. Choose suitable Plan

2. We will provide separate dashboard with login details.

3. We will update your vacant land Cleaning & Boundary Photos, Videos, Geo Tag, Legal Document of E.C in your login dashboard asper your selected plan.

4. We can sent all updated details by your register WhatsApp no. and E-mail id.

5. you can also get Live Mobile Stream of your vacant land*.

  • The Importance of the vacant land Border
    It will help to avoid any disputes beforehand. It ensures that the property complies with building code and municipal regulations. It is a great step to keep away any legal disputes that may arise for intruders. A basic part of owning property is knowing where the boundaries are. Without clear boundaries, arguments will arise, whether it is private property, commercial property, or land for drilling and mining. When there are conflicting views about boundary lines, landowners may need to commission a boundary
  • Purpose of Geo Tagging
    Geotagging can tell users the location of land.
  • Why do we need E.C ?
    An Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is a crucial document used as evidence of free title/possesion of a property. An Encumbrance Certificate or (EC) is a certificate of assurance that the concerned property is free from any legal.
  • Vacant land cleaning is compulsory?
    To put an end to garage dumping in vacant plots, the BBMP take actotion to landowners to clear their garbage is dumped. The BBMP ordered that the plots should be deweeded and garbage cleared by owners. Otherwise, Rs 25,000 fine would be imposed, which could go up to Rs 1 lakh under the Karnataka Municipal Act 1976, it had warned.
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